The Silver Age of Comic Book Art


by Arlen Schumer

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Hardcover SIGNED & SKETCHED IN by Arlen Schumer
(192 full-color 9"x13" pages)
$50 + $10 p&h

For international orders please e-mail arlen@arlenschumer.com

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Some of the greatest comic book artists of their generation, who created some of their greatest work during The Silver Age of Comics (circa 1956-1970). They not only drew definitive versions of the medium's greatest characters—including The Flash, Batman, Captain America, Superman, Thor, Green Lantern, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Green Arrow and more—but set trends in the art of comic book storytelling.

Now this popular and influential body of work, along with each artist's thoughts, ideas and commentary, is presented in The Silver Age of Comic Book Art (Revised Edition), a coffee table comic book art history book written and designed in a daringly different format by comic book historian and illustrator Arlen Schumer, and published in hardcover and digital/e-book editions by Archway Publishing (from Simon & Schuster).

Dynamic spreads of the actual printed comic art, graphically enlarged, are integrated with comic-styled text, often by the artists themselves, that replaces the original comic book copy with more personalized prose that places the art firmly in the period it was created: the turbulent 1960s.

By creating a comic book history book that reads like a comic book, Schumer succeeds spectacularly in making you see, as if for the first time, the comics you've been reading your whole life.

Visit www.arlenschumer.com for more information on the author and comic book history.

After you've ordered the book, join Arlen's Silver Age of Comic Book Art Facebook group and keep the conversation going!



“Arlen Schumer documents an important period in comic book history, told with an explosive format and stunning design. It reflects the kinetic rhythm of the era.”
—Will Eisner (1917-2005), creator of The Spirit and the graphic novel A Contract with God
A lovingly crafted tribute to the superhero comic of the 1960s, The Silver Age of Comic Book Art (Revised Edition) recaptures the four-color visionary surge of the era, its jet-age psychedelic rush of imagination and the titanic, luminous figures, both real and imaginary, that glittered in its firmament. For a brief moment in the late 20th century, it seemed as if the spirit of the age wore a vivid leotard, a chest emblem, and traveled in a strobing blur of speed lines. For anyone with any interest in or affection for that moment, this beautiful volume is indispensible.
—Alan Moore, author of Swamp Thing and Watchmen
Not only is Arlen Schumer's The Silver Age of Comic Book Art a spellbinding book about a magnificent art form, but it's one of the publishing world's great rarities—a book about art which is itself as much a resplendent work of art as the subject it so beautifully depicts. Every page of The Silver Age of Comic Book Art is a visual feast for the eyes. In honoring those artists whom the author considers the best of the best, Schumer, by virtue of his stunning layouts, incredible use of color and brilliant selection of awesome artwork, has proven himself one of the most exciting designers of all. Even if you have no interest in comic book art per se, one glance at the pages of The Silver Age of Comic Book Art and you'll find yourself hypnotized by the dazzling examples of some of the finest illustrators of this or any century, examples which are showcased in a manner so unique and so daringly different that they can take your breath away. So, I happily extend my heartiest congratulations to the extremely talented Arlen Schumer. He has produced what is arguably the finest tribute to the most talented practitioners of one of America's truest and best loved art forms. Excelsior!
—Stan Lee
Arlen Schumer is perhaps the very best person on Earth to do this project. Arlen is apart and a part of the Silver Age as much as it is possible to be. Arlen absorbs the Silver Age in comics through his very pores. Without question and sight unseen, I know all people who have an interest in comic books who read this book will enjoy it totally.
—Neal Adams
Through the years, I've had the pleasure of seeing many books that pay tribute to the art of comics. Almost all of them have been visually entertaining and informative. But, I must say, a new day has dawned! Arlen has created an entirely new format in presenting the art and words of the artists! It's the most comprehensive and personal way a fan or colleague can learn what lies beneath the art. Arlen has found the perfect way to inform AND entertain! It's simply awesome. The best representation of my work ever! Arlen really honored me.
—Gene Colan
The Silver Age of Comic Book Art by Arlen Schumer is, quite simply, the most beautiful book ever put together on comic art of the 1960s. He has chosen his artist subjects flawlessly...and makes it seem all but inevitable that these artists, this art, best represents the period which saw the flowering of a Silver Age that was, in many ways, a new Golden Age.
—Roy Thomas
Well, I'm about halfway through the book so far but I can say that I've never read a more thorough and informative book about the Silver Age of comics than this one. The Captain Marvel/Flash connection was only the start of the juicy tidbits that I had no idea about and that are tucked away in almost every corner of its pages. In fact, the layout is second only to the wealth of knowledge that this book has to offer. Offering first-rate reproduction of the art of all the artists featured with their own thoughts used in the word balloons was a stroke of genius. It makes the book just that much more enjoyable. In short, if you have any interest in comic book art and the artists that drew them, this is the book for you.
—Vincent Bernard
The Silver Age of Comic Book Art is a beautiful, brilliant work of love and true passion. It's the seminal work of the 20th century art form. The heart and soul of comics in one book. It should be required reading for anyone who ever aspired to work in the medium. A true masterpiece! And the most loved coffee table book in my apartment, everyone is just drawn to it.
—Matthew Mark Meyer, producer, actor

For more reviews, go the The Silver Age group’s review thread, or post your comments below.

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